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This page provides resources for national statistical offices, data providers, and data users.

Making Your Own National Reporting Platform
Thinking about making your own version of this national reporting platform to report SDG statistics? These materials can help you get started. The US NRP is open source and free to copy (or “fork”).

Customizing Your Platform
Once you’ve copied your platform, here are some tips for customizing it to fit your needs.

Conducting a Data Needs Assessment
Thinking about how to identify data gaps? These materials may be helpful.

Training Data Providers
Here are some materials that may help train data providers to input statistics and metadata into your NRP.

Road Maps for Reporting SDG Statistics
Thinking about how to plan for reporting SDG statistics? These links may help.

We are proud to collaborate with other countries on NRP development. We look forward to future opportunities to exchange ideas and improve access to official national statistics. Some examples of our collaborations to date appear below.

Have other questions about building your own NRP from our open-source (free) model? Other questions or suggestions for our site? Contact us at