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Improving measures 9.1.1 Proportion of the rural population who live within 2 km of an all-season road
Reported online 9.1.2 Passenger and freight volumes, by mode of transport
Reported online 9.2.1 Manufacturing value added as a proportion of GDP and per capita
Reported online 9.2.2 Manufacturing employment as a proportion of total employment
Exploring data 9.3.1 Proportion of small-scale industries in total industry value added
Exploring data 9.3.2 Proportion of small-scale industries with a loan or line of credit
Reported online 9.4.1 CO2 emission per unit of value added
Reported online 9.5.1 Research and development expenditure as a proportion of GDP
Exploring data 9.5.2 Researchers (in full-time equivalent) per million inhabitants
Exploring data 9.a.1 Total official international support (official development assistance plus other official flows) to infrastructure
Exploring data 9.b.1 Proportion of medium and high-tech industry value added in total value added
Reported online 9.c.1 Proportion of population covered by a mobile network, by technology