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Proportion of informal employment in non-agriculture employment, by sex

Cette table fournit des métadonnées pour l'indicateur réel disponible à partir des statistiques US les plus proches de l'indicateur SDG global correspondant. Veuillez noter que même lorsque l'indicateur global des ODD est entièrement disponible à partir des statistiques US, ce tableau devrait être consulté pour obtenir des informations sur la méthodologie nationale et d'autres informations sur les métadonnées spécifiques à un pays_adjectif.

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Comments and limitations The USG SDG 8 subgroup has not yet identified a data source for this indicator. US data for this indicator have been collected in the past(such as in special supplements to the Current Population Survey on contingent and alternative employment arrangements) and published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data are not regularly available. The data were last published in 2005; a release date for the May 2017 supplement findings has not yet been set.
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Ce tableau fournit des informations sur les métadonnées pour les indicateurs SDG définis par la Commission de statistique des Nations Unies. Les métadonnées globales complètes sont fournies par la Division de statistique de l'ONU.

Nom de l'indicateur Proportion of informal employment in non-agriculture employment, by sex
Nom de la cible Promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encourage the formalization and growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, including through access to financial services.
Description de l'indicateur global The share of informal employment in total non-agriculture employment refers to employment in informal jobs expressed as a percentage of total non-agriculture employment. Informal employment comprises persons who in their main or secondary jobs were: (a) Own-account workers, employers and members of producers' cooperatives employed in their own informal sector enterprises. The informal nature of their jobs follows directly from the characteristics of the enterprise; (b) Own-account workers engaged in the production of goods exclusively for own final use by their household (e.g. subsistence farming or do-it-yourself construction of own dwellings), if covered; (c) Contributing family workers, irrespective of whether they work in formal or informal sector enterprises. The informal nature of their jobs is due to the fact that contributing family workers usually do not have explicit, written contracts of employment, and that usually their employment is not subject to labour legislation, social security regulations, collective agreements, etc.; (e) Employees holding informal jobs, whether employed by formal sector enterprises, informal sector enterprises, or as paid domestic workers by households. Employees are considered to have informal jobs if their employment relationship is, in law or in practice, not subject to national labour legislation, income taxation, social protection or entitlement to certain employment benefits (paid annual or sick leave, etc.) for reasons such as: non-declaration of the jobs or the employees; casual jobs or jobs of a limited short duration; jobs with hours of work or wages below a specified threshold (e.g. for social security contributions); employment by unincorporated enterprises or by persons in households; jobs where the employee's place of work is outside the premises of the employer's enterprise (e.g. outworkers without employment contract); or jobs, for which labour regulations are not applied, not enforced, or not complied with for any other reason. Operational criteria used by countries to define informal jobs of employees include lack of coverage by social security system, lack of entitlement to paid annual or sick leave, or lack of written employment contract.
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